LPL外围网址实行开放招生政策 & 不收取申请费. Below are step-by-step instructions to walk you through our admissions process. Some programs in the nursing department have additional admissions requirements and may be selective.


有 所需文件三份 你必须在唐纳利注册之前提交: 

1. 入学申请.

  • 而唐纳利全年都招收学生, we encourage all students to apply by the following priority deadline to ensure you receive your maximum federal and institutional aid and ideal course selection. 应用在这里.
  • LPL外围网址 is not accepting international students at this time.

2. 把你的成绩单寄给我们.

3. 官方考试成绩/分班考试.

  • 唐纳利要求ACT/SAT考试成绩, or students can take the Accuplacer Next-Generation on campus (FREE) to be placed into appropriate level courses. 报名参加ACT考试 在这里. ACT成绩可以通过Donnelly的ACT代码发送给我们 1404 或通过 要求把分数发给唐纳利.  
  • 我们接受ACCUPLACER成绩代替ACT成绩. 要安排您的ACCUPLACER测试, 电子邮件我们.
  • Testing can be waived if a student has completed Composition I and College Algebra with a C or better. 


1. 完成FAFSA.

If you have not applied for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student 援助), 在此免费申请. 唐纳利的校号是001914. 如果您需要进一步的帮助,请安排时间 和我们的TRIO合伙人见面.

We have many scholarships that do not require you to be FAFSA eligible. 填写唐纳利的表格 家庭供款估算表在此.

The FAFSA must be completed before you can apply for scholarships.

  • 奖学金 - 50余功-, 以标准和需求为基础的奖学金, 包括保证优秀奖学金! 
  • 学费 & 费用 - Our listed tuition is before scholarships and grants are applied.
  • 金融援助 -许多项目有资格获得联邦财政援助 (FAFSA代码001914). Most full-time students who qualify for full Pell Grant pay little to no tuition!


After all required application documents listed above are submitted and processed, a Donnelly admissions counselor will contact you to get enrolled. You will need to visit campus to complete the final steps of becoming a Donnelly student. 以下是您在访问期间可以期待的: 


对于未来的学生, t在这里’s no better way to get a feel for campus life at Donnelly than by coming for a visit. That’s why we’ve created several opportunities that will show you what Donnelly has to offer. 


我们希望你能来参观校园. Join an admissions counselor for a one-to-one tour and chat about your future. 电子邮件 admissions@skol-r.net 安排一个约会.



对唐纳利有问题吗? 一个信息会议可能对你来说是完美的. You have the opportunity to join an admissions counselor on campus to learn about Donnelly's academic programs and campus life. 电子邮件 admissions@skol-r.net 预订座位.



All new students who plan to begin classes must attend orientation. 迎新会是了解唐纳利的时候, 与教职员工见面, complete the enrollment process and receive information that will help you get off to a good start as a Donnelly student. Your admissions counselor will assist you in registering for an orientation once you are at that step in the admissions process. 点击这里了解更多信息.


  • 8月17 - 18



LPL外围网址 is 在这里 to help you continue your educational journey and realize your goals in a friendly, 多元化和支持性的环境.  唐纳利有一个 公开招生政策 & 不收取申请费. 点击以下链接了解更多信息:



Check to see if your credits from other institutions will transfer to Donnelly, and if your Donnelly credits will transfer to other institutions. It's recommended that you visit with your Academic Advisor and Registrar and your current and transfer institution to verify this information. 



唐纳利招生 见见招生团队 
(913) 621-8706


在唐纳利, you will find a veteran- and active-duty-friendly institution w在这里 your service is appreciated, and your life experiences add to the richness of campus life. 除了, Donnelly President Monsignor Swetland is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and served in the United States Navy. 

We will make your transition to college life as easy as possible. 这里有一些我们可以提供帮助的方法:

  • 唐纳利接受GI法案®(第30章), Post-Vietnam 退伍军人 Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 32), 911后退伍军人法案®(第33章), 遗属及受养人援助计划(第35章), 精选预备役军人法案®(第1606章), 和现役军人法案®(第1607章)
  • 唐纳利是黄丝带计划的参与者


LPL外围网址 is approved by the state approving agency for the training of veterans under the provisions of Section 3675(a) (1) of Title 38, 美国法典.

Any veteran who leaves Donnelly to perform military service will be re-admitted with the same academic status as when they departed.

GI Bill®是美国军队的注册商标.S. 退伍军人事务部(VA). More information about education 好处 offered by VA is available at the official U.S. 政府网站: http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.


你有重要的工作/职业经验吗? Are you interested in a fast-track way to earn a college degree? Donnelly's 先前学习评估 track may be the path for you.

符合先前学习评估(PLA)的资格, a student must have earned at least twelve (12) credit hours at LPL外围网址. Credit through PLA may be awarded through portfolio assessment. Applications for PLA through portfolio begin with an interview with the PLA committee during the semester in which the credit is to be awarded. Credit awarded through portfolio is charged at one-third the rate of tuition, 在授予学分时进行评估. A maximum of 20 credit hours through PLA may be applied to an associate or bachelor’s degree, 和联邦基金不适用于PLA. This policy is not applicable to students in the nursing program. 





(913) 621-8706

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